Using SiC FETs in data center power supplies and telecom rectifiers

Deployment of 5G networks worldwide, which require many high-quality telecom rectifiers to provide the needed power, and the expansion of hyperscale data centers, with servers consuming large amounts of energy, is driving renewed interest in wide bandgap solutions. Designers are faced with an ever-increasing challenge to improve efficiency, lower operating costs, and lower BOM costs. With their fast-switching speed, excellent reverse recovery, low gate charge, and low on-resistance and turn-off losses, our SiC FETs have the performance and characteristics needed to meet these design challenges for both hard and soft switching topologies.


Totem-Pole Power Factor Correction (TPPFC)

The use of SiC FETs in totem-pole PFC circuits lowers conduction loss, introduces less common mode electromagnetic interference (EMI), and enables continuous conduction mode (CCM) due to the superior reverse recovery performance of SiC devices, resulting in a simpler, more cost-effective design. 



DC/DC Converters

SiC FETs provide many benefits to the DC/DC LLC circuits commonly found in data center applications. Their low on-resistance (RDS(on)) minimizes conduction losses, low output capacitance (Coss(tr)) enables higher switching frequencies leading to a smaller overall design, excellent avalanche capability enhances the system reliability of the converter, and low switching energy loss (EOFF) ensures the highest efficiency DC/DC LLC circuit.

  • Low RDS(on) x Eoss
  • Low RDS(on) x Coss
  • Simple gate drive (0-12V)
  • Low Vf diode




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