Highest-performance, most efficient SiC FETs.



With 13 different RDS(on) and package combinations ranging from 6mΩ to 60mΩ, the 750V Gen 4 UJ4C/SC series of SiC FETs provides designers with the industry's best performance and most device options, enabling more design flexibility to achieve an optimum cost/efficiency trade-off while maintaining generous design margins and circuit robustness.


Industry Lowest RDS(on)

From 6mΩ to 60mΩ 750V rated RDS(on) in industry-standard packages


Superior Performance

Industry-best Figures of Merit for RDS(on) x Area, RDS(on) x Coss,tr and RDS(on) x Eoss


Robust SCWT Rating

Industry-leading short-circuit withstand time of 5μs at 6mΩ for ultimate protection


Design Flexibility

Optimize for efficiency, thermal management complexity and cost

  • 750V VDS rating
  • Low RDS(on) from 6mΩ to 60mΩ
  • Best-in-class Figures of Merit (FoM)
  • 5µs short-circuit withstand time @ 6mΩ
  • Safely driven with standard 0V to 12V or 15V gate drive voltage
  • Excellent threshold noise margin maintained with true 5V threshold voltage
  • Operates with all Si IGBT, Si MOSFET and SiC MOSFET drive voltages
  • Built-in ESD gate protection clamp
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Industry-standard TO-247-3L and TO-247-4L (Kelvin) packages

Product Specifications

Voltage RDS(on) (mΩ)
@ 25°C
RDS(on) (mΩ)
@ 125°C
750V 5.9 9.8 - UJ4SC075006K4S
9 14.8 - UJ4SC075009K4S
11 18.4 - UJ4SC075011K4S
18 31 UJ4C075018K3S UJ4C075018K4S
23 39 UJ4C075023K3S UJ4C075023K4S
33 57 UJ4C075033K3S UJ4C075033K4S
44 75 UJ4C075044K3S UJ4C075044K4S
58 106 UJ4C075060K3S UJ4C075060K4S

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Industry-leading Figures of Merit (FoM)

Figure-of-Merit (FoM) comparisons are critical for power designers to identify the best technology for their design, not merely based on a specific product spec, but by comparing performance widely across a variety of topologies, power levels, etc. 

The datasheet results shown below illustrate how UnitedSiC’s high-performance Gen 4 series devices deliver lower conduction loss, simple gate driving, and reduced switching losses in hard and soft-switched circuits compared to competing SiC FET devices.

Supporting Design Resources


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Practical solutions and guidelines for using RC snubbers with fast switching SiC devices


Product Selector Guide

Find the ideal SiC FET and complimentary SiC devices for your high-performance power design

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